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Top Ten Best Selling American Burgers

    Top Ten Best Selling American Burgers

    Observe this landmark event: Never before has such a prestigious bunch of culinary writers been assembled to share their preferred burger spots. In a recent article, Epicurious polled well-known food reviewers from all around the nation to find out where they go for the best hamburgers in their area. While some pairings are as conventional as ground chuck on a bun, others may become very elaborate (some Kobe beef with that?).

    Sesame-seed buns, kaiser rolls, and rosemary focaccia (great thinking, San Francisco) are just a few of the bun options. There is a wide variety of condiments to put on top of your burger as well. Some examples are Gruyère cheese, Kraft American cheese, garlic aoli, standard mayo, grilled onions, pickle chips, Bacon Bits, horseradish, and ketchup.

    We made sure to visit cities all over the world, such as Miami, Washington, DC, Seattle, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, New York, Santa Fe, and New Orleans.

    1. Slopper

    Simply said, a slopper is a grilled hamburger or cheeseburger with a generous helping of red or green chilli slathered all over the top. French fries, avocado, or onions may be added as a topping. Depending on who you ask, slopper was either created in the ’50s or ’70s at Pueblo, Colorado’s Gray’s Coors Tavern or the ‘Star Bar.

    Burgers may be eaten with a knife and fork whether they are presented traditionally (with bread on both sides) or open-faced.

    2. Burger with Pastrami

    A traditional pastrami burger is a beef patty nestled within a toasted sesame seed bun, with pastrami, cheese, tomatoes, shredded lettuce, onions, and fry sauce (a blend of ketchup, mayonnaise, sweet relish, and onion powder).

    Unlike pastrami, which was introduced to Los Angeles by Jewish immigrants from New York City in the middle of the twentieth century, this cuisine was invented by a Greek guy named James Katsanevas, who managed a restaurant in Anaheim, California, called Minos Burgers, and began selling it in the early 1970s.

    3. Sandwich Made From Ramen Noodles

    To make a ramen burger, you fry up some ramen noodles and place a beef patty in between them. Shoyu sauce, arugula, and scallions are common toppings for the beef patty. Keizo Shimamoto, a ramen blogger, came up with the recipe and first served it in 2013.

    Time magazine named the ramen burger one of the 17 most significant burgers of all time due to its widespread popularity.

    4. The Elk Burger

    Elk burgers are Montana’s unique take on the classic American fast food of a juicy beef patty sandwiched between two pieces of bread. Elk is the official animal of Montana, and elk burgers, cooked with the rich red, soft meat, are among the state’s most popular foods.

    They’re healthier and more protein-packed than beef burgers, yet they’re just as juicy and flavorful. Due to its low fat level, elk meat dries fast, so cooking it to a medium rare is ideal. Elk has a mild, somewhat sweet taste that goes well with a wide variety of traditional burger toppings.

    5. Sandwich Made With Butter

    The butter burger is Wisconsin’s messy addition to the world of burgers. Some purists argue that the only true butter burger is made with ground beef that has been mixed with butter. For others, the perfect hamburger is a buttered, toasted bun that has been covered with even more butter.

    Everyone agrees that there should be enough butter on the meat for it to drop off and create a pool on the dish. One possible origin for the term is a restaurant in Wisconsin called Solly’s, which has been open in the same location (Glendale) since 1936 and is responsible for popularising the dish by serving the steak twice-fried in butter with a side of stewed onions.

    6. Fried Bison Patty

    Burgers made with bison, a native North American mammal, are a specialty in the United States. Bison meat is sometimes mistakenly termed buffalo meat, which is typically reserved for the meat of the African buffalo and the water buffalo, hence this burger is dubbed a buffalo burger.

    The greater cost of buffalo meat makes this burger a treat despite its lower cholesterol and fat content than conventional burgers. Bison burgers are often served with sweet fries on the side and a variety of toppings, including onions, lettuce, tomato slices, red slaw, and cheddar cheese.

    7. Grilled Onion Burger

    In order to make an Oklahoma onion burger, a beef patty is smashed with thinly sliced onions. Cooking the beef and onions together ensures that both the meat and onions are thoroughly cooked, and that the onions get a caramelised, crunchy texture. Buns are often light and fluffy, and the burger itself is topped with a piece of American cheese, pickles, and either mustard or mayonnaise.

    People began adding onions to the patties by bashing them into the meat with the back of a spatula in the 1920s, during the Depression, when onions were extremely cheap and beef was costly.

    8. Burger with Spicy Chili

    A chilli burger is a kind of hamburger that has chilli con carne on top of the bread and beef patty, or on the side. Open-faced burgers are provided at certain restaurants, with the toppings of your choice (typically cheese and onions) and fries on the side.

    Thomas M. DeForest of Los Angeles, California, is credited with inventing the chilli burger in the 1920s.

    9. “Lucy, the Juicy”

    Juicy Lucy (sometimes written without the I on purpose) is a variation on the traditional cheeseburger in which the cheese is melted within the patties and was named one of Time magazine’s 17 most influential burgers. The Lucy burger, loaded with American cheese and sandwiched between two ground beef patties, is a local favourite in Minneapolis. Eating one is an amazing experience, but it takes practise to avoid getting a mouthful of hot, molten cheese.

    The juicy meat in this cheeseburger is just half the story; the other half involves a battle between two burger joints in Minneapolis, both of which claim to have invented the dish. It was requested by a local patron immediately after Matt’s Bar & Grill opened in 1954, and the establishment quickly added it to the menu.

    10. Cheeseburger

    Adding a piece of cheese to the top of a traditional hamburger was a logical progression that led to the creation of the cheeseburger. Initially made with American cheese, this delicious sandwich has evolved to include Swiss, Cheddar, and a wide variety of blue cheeses.

    The origins of the cheeseburger are murky, as is the case with many wildly famous cuisines. It wasn’t until the 1920s that people started routinely putting cheese on their hamburgers, and there are several competing claims about who really created the first cheeseburger.

    The most widely accepted story is that a 16-year-old short-order chef named Lionel Clark Sternberger developed the hamburger by combining a piece of American cheese with ground beef. This event took place in a restaurant called The Rite Spot in Pasadena, California.

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