According to Your Zodiac Sign, You Argue


The competitive nature of Aries makes you willing to do almost everything to win. When you're angry or upset, Aries, you're not likely to back down from a fight.


You might not come across as very assertive or brave during a debate, but your consistency and practicality end up being highly persuasive.


Gemini are romantics, not warriors. You're more likely to start a cordial discussion than to turn it into a heated quarrel.


Cancers are renowned as the nurturing sign of the zodiac because they are kind and delicate. If at all possible, you try to stay out of conflict, and picking fights that are pointless is not really in your nature.


Leo, you're renowned for having a fiery and vivacious personality. You have no trouble speaking your views and wearing your heart on your sleeve.


You, Virgo, are a perfectionist who constantly seeks to improve things. Unless it's for a reasonable or personal cause, you tend to stay away from conflict.


It's uncommon to engage in a contentious debate with a Libra. You are cooperative and fair-minded, and you have no desire to get into a fight.


Scorpios are aggressive, brave, and may be the most formidable of foes when it comes to arguments.


Because Sagittarius people are so intelligent and relaxed, you don't enjoy wasting time in pointless arguments.


Capricorns value rules and make highly responsible decisions. You are goal-oriented and frequently concentrate on the broader picture.


You tend to be a profound thinker, Aquarius, so you'll approach your disagreement logically and with the intention of coming up with a solution.


People in Pisces are exceptionally perceptive and sympathetic. You work hard to maintain your connections and detest conflict of any type.

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