Criminal signs According to the zodiac

Researchers in behaviour have gathered studies to examine the indicators that are most frequently used by criminals. Learn which warning signals are most frequently displayed by thieves by reading on.


Sagittarians tend to be cheerful, yet they can have a quick temper. You should most definitely keep an eye on yourself once you are taken off their good list. This sign contains the majority of criminals, who are also quite difficult to apprehend.


The most criminally inclined and frequently well-armed and extremely dangerous sign. Since Libra is an air sign, they frequently commit heinous acts. They could be the most dishonest individuals in the group.


Taureans can be harmful since they are picky. Despite the fact that their crimes—which are mostly minor—rarely result in arrests.


Due to their innocent-appearing personalities, they might as well have their names on the list of every crime and still go unpunished.


They put their all into all they do, including committing crimes. They participate in organised crime, as you will discover. One wouldn't be wrong if they said that people should be mindful of the cruel inclinations that Capricorns have.


Most crimes have a long history of involving cancer. They frequently practise serial killing and favour bodily injury above a fast death.


Geminis enjoy copying others in many aspects of life. Thus, the majority of them are dishonest and con artists. They are more prone to intimidate and deceive others. They are tech savvy as well, and they can be hacking right next to you.

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