Lucky Vehicle Colors Based on Your Zodiac Sign


If you are an Aries, wearing hues of RED, SAFFRON, and YELLOW will also be beneficial.


You can also purchase vehicles that are GREEN in colour. However keep in mind that buying a car, bike, scooter, or any other type of vehicle in a BLACK hue can bring bad luck.


Your car is available in RED and GREY colours. That forces you to reconsider your decision to sell your old car.


Several accidents could happen to cancer patients. Thus, you can also get vehicles that are YELLOW in colour.


You can choose RED, SAFFRON, YELLOW, or WHITE as the colour of your car.


You can select GREEN and GREY tones. So be careful to stay away from the colour RED.


When it comes to the age of the car, Libra locals typically have good fortune. As a result, you can also choose the colours WHITE and GREEN for your car.


You can also choose from RED, YELLOW, and SAFFRON. But remember to stay away from GREEN and BLACK.


RED, YELLOW, BRONZE, and SAFFRON will be fortunate colours. But keep in mind that you never buy a vehicle in blue or black.


GREEN and YELLOW are lucky colours for you. But, you must stay away from the colours BLUE and RED when shopping.


YELLOW and GREEN are the available colours for cars, bikes, and other types of vehicles.


The lucky car colours for the Pisces sign would be SAFFRON, RED, and BRONZE.

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