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Nicest to the Meanest people based on Astrology


The sweetest Zodiac sign is Libra. They work very hard to treat everyone kindly. They are the balancing force that continuously upholds social harmony.


They always treat their team members politely and strive to uphold equality, which is why they make excellent leaders.


Because they believe they are doing others a favour, Pisceans like being kind to them. They are not only kind, but also selfless and willing to assist those in need.


They dislike being negative because it confuses them. As a result, they always choose to be optimistic and kind to others.


Taureans are highly patient with everything and everyone, in addition to being pleasant to other people. They'll hold a door open for you in a store, assist you with your bags, and allow you go ahead of others.


Not only are Aquarians lovely, but they are also quite sociable. They want to get to know people and engage in some meaningful interaction with them. They adore making new friends and enjoy doing so.


Sagittarians work very hard to be kind to others. They are independent, free-spirited people who prefer to do everything themselves. They prefer not to discuss anything negative or unfavourable. People are to feel liked by them.


Depending on their attitude, Gemini can be incredibly pleasant or very harsh. They become bored with things quickly. There is a possibility that they will behave rudely when they are weak. But they will be the friendliest person when they are having a good time.


The niceness of Cancerians relies again on their mood. They will act rather rudely towards others when they are hurt, angry, or irritated. Apart from that, they are sentimental and sensitive people.


Leos enjoy being kind when they're in the spotlight. Since they are attention seekers, they will make every effort to capture everyone's attention with their charming behaviour. But they only have good intentions.


Virgos are extremely cruel people. They may even exhibit passive aggression since they detest conflict.


Being kind entails putting aside all of the stress in life and focusing on how they feel. They simply won't notice anything about you if you treat them nicely.


Aries people hold the opinion that holding something in your head is bad. They will therefore tell you everything and everything, regardless of your reaction.


They are seen as having a fiery personality as a result. Also, Aries individuals are not scared to start a battle.


Capricorns are more likely to be rude. Their manner of expressing emotion has a real tendency to drive others insane. They have a very hot temper, which is why they are frequently referred to be rageful.


The cruellest signs of the zodiac are scorpions. If they are not happy with you, they will let you know through their behaviour. They won't hesitate to ignore you at all.

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