Popular Black Dog Breeds

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The affenpinscher is categorised as a toy group dog by the American Kennel Club due to its diminutive 10-pound size and 11-inch height. It was developed to eliminate rats and other pests.


The Rottweiler, or Rottie as it's often known, is an ancient Roman cow dog ancestor that has served in a variety of service roles throughout history, such as guard dogs, search and rescue dogs, and therapy dogs.


The gorgeous Belgian sheepdog is known as the Groenendael after a neighbourhood in Brussels because it is alert and intelligent.

Belgian Sheepdog

The majestic Newfoundland is enormous but also regarded as a gentle giant who typically gets along well with kids.


As a working dog, Canadian fishermen performed water rescues in frigid seas using Newfies.


The flat-coated retriever, which is exuberant, funny, and fun-loving, is frequently confused with the more well-known black-coated golden retriever.

Flat Coat Retriever

With a similar body outline to a schnauzer and a bushy beard and moustache, the black Russian terrier resembles one in size.

Russian Black Terrier

This breed is affectionately referred to as a "blackie" and exclusively comes in black. The black Russian terrier was created using, among other breeds, the schnauzer.

Russian Black Terrier

The standard poodle is a very smart, inquisitive, lively, and trainable dog. These dogs were bred initially to recover waterfowl for hunters, but they were also well-liked circus performers.

Standard Poodle

Known for being sociable and trainable, labs make great family dogs. Regular brushing will reduce the amount of hair that is left lying about the home because the short coat is water-resistant and sheds heavily.

Labrador retriever

To function at their best, they do need a lot of play and exercise. They can be brown, white, or a combination of those two hues, but are typically solid black or black and white.

Portuguese Water Dog

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