Powerball numbers recycled for 10 years earn $50,000

A Maryland resident who used a set of fast pick numbers from a ticket he purchased ten years prior to win a $50,000 Powerball prize.

According to the Lutherville guy, he purchased a Powerball ticket with the fast pick numbers 8-25-27-33-44 roughly ten years ago.

"I bought the ticket one day, and for the previous ten years, I've always used those numbers. I'm happy everything worked out," he stated.

The man won $50,000 in the Double Play game that follows the regular Powerball drawing using his ticket for the Feb. 27 drawing, which he purchased from the Margate BP location in Lutherville.

The prize of $10 million was just one number away, but the player stated he has no regrets.

"I'm overjoyed to get $50,000. Winning was great "said him. The winner claimed that he and his wife have preparations in place for their winnings.

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