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Red Dog Breeds That Turn Heads

Irish Setter

The coat of the Irish setter is a deep, rich crimson. The coat of this sporting dog is stunning and is most frequently described as mahogany or chestnut.

Irish Terrier

The flaming red colour and temperament of the Irish terrier are well known. These courageous but adorable canines have slightly different coat colours ranging from golden to ginger red.


When considering red-coated breeds, the dachshund may not be the first breed that springs to mind, but these well-known tiny dogs come in a range of hues, including a deep, rich red.

Redbone Coonhound

This hunting dog has a wonderfully short, red coat that is shiny and silky. These puppies are stunning to look at, with a chiselled, muscular frame and glossy fur.


The eye-catching golden-red Vizsla has a short, shiny coat and a lean, athletic frame. There is not much grooming needed for this dog.

Australian shepherd

Australian shepherds are intelligent, energetic, and covered in fur.

Australian shepherd

The long, gorgeous coats of these herding dogs come in a variety of colour patterns, including red and reddish merle and a calico-like blend of red, liver, and cream tones.

Shiba Inu

The shiba inu is a little red-coated dog with pointed ears, a golden to red coat, and a red coat.

Shiba Inu

In fact, this breed is sometimes compared to foxes because of its reserved, reserved demeanour. This spitz thrives in peaceful, somewhat active households.

Golden Retriever

The coat of a golden retriever can have a range of gold hues, some of which tip into rich mahogany tones that appear red to the eye.

Golden Retriever

Particularly field-type golden retrievers have redder coats, a slightly leaner build, and shorter hair.

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