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the countries with the lowest property taxes

Property Tax: 0,28%


The nation's lowest real estate taxes are in Hawaii. Here, starting with housing, everything else is pricey. The average cost of a home is over $1 million.


Alabama is one of the states with the lowest cost of living. Its average home prices are low, like those of many states in the South. Also, homeowners don't pay much in property taxes.

Property Tax: 0,41%


Another state where low property taxes are offset by high housing values is Colorado. 2021 saw a significant increase in housing costs, and Colorado currently has the sixth-highest average home price nationwide.

Property Tax: 0,51%


Louisiana has a low overall cost of living, which includes housing costs, property taxes, and other costs of daily living. It's one of the states with a greater diversity, with a mixture of people from many cultures and backgrounds.

Property Tax: 0,55%

Washington, D.C

Washington, D.C. has its own property taxes, which are moderately modest despite the fact that it isn't really a state. Yet because it has the second-highest typical housing price, the savings stop there.

Property Tax: 0,56%


With a population of little under a million, Delaware is one of the smaller states and the First State. Its property taxes are modest, and its house values are comparable to those found elsewhere in the US.

Property Tax: 0,57%

South Carolina

Those looking for natural activities and a low cost of living frequently choose South Carolina.

Property Tax: 0,57%

South Carolina

It offers a lot of outdoor activities and a mild temperature. Housing is more affordable than the national average, and the low property taxes further add to the allure of the offer.

Property Tax: 0,57%

West Virginia

The cost of living in West Virginia is about as low as it gets in the United States. The Mountain State features the lowest average home price and the lowest real estate taxes.

Property Tax: 0,60%


For its citizens, Nevada doesn't make paying taxes too challenging. It also doesn't have a state income tax, making it the state with the lowest property taxes in the western United States.

Property Tax: 0,61%


The ten states with the lowest property taxes are completed by Wyoming. With fewer than 600,000 residents, it has the smallest population of any state and the second-lowest population density behind only Alaska.

Property Tax: 0,61%

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