The Uptight Zodiac Sign


This fixed sign also doesn't change their viewpoint lightly. Once they've focused on something, they don't respond well to opposing viewpoints and may even interpret criticism as a personal attack.


As the earth sign is notoriously adamant, very little can sabotage their well-planned schedules. Clare cautions that when a Taurus upheaval occurs, "it can generate some concern for these bulls."


Aries are described as "fiery and dynamic," and when they are unable to "let their fire burn, voice their ideas, or react to something nagging them," they are ready to shut down.


Once they get here, they'll stay on edge, and it could be challenging to get them to open up again.


"Virgos are prone to entirely lose their composure and transform into a worrying bundle of anxiousness when life's plans ultimately go awry." They may appear anal to some due to their inflexible demeanour.


Because they are so sensitive, cancers enjoy staying home alone. They will do all in their power to avoid conflict, acting passive-aggressively because they are too afraid to come clean.


"Sharp remarks can bruise a Cancer to their core and make them extremely defensive in a matter of seconds."


Capricorns are determined to succeed and may get defensive if their drive to succeed is threatened. Capricorns are "notorously unyielding in these areas, especially when it comes to responsibility and hard labour."

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