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Unfriendly Zodiac Sign


You'll almost certainly get the cold shoulder if you don't share their viewpoint or try to influence them.


They find it simpler to be hostile and unwelcoming than to deal with small matters that obstruct their path to success.


They frequently maintain a safe distance between themselves and other people, even if they may appear to care little or nothing.


The pattern of appearing hostile takes a hard to break for them because they are also introverted and can come off as closed off.


"You're right; Virgo is criticising you if you feel that way." But, they are harsher on themselves.


Hence, while it may be that they dislike you, it may also be that they are experiencing internal conflict, which makes them appear aggressive and unwelcoming.


They are disciplined and ruthless, and if something goes wrong, their moods could change.


While they'll be polite and professional, these earth signs won't let you follow in their footsteps, and it's unlikely that they'll ask you out for a post-work happy hour.


Scorpios are renowned for being icy, but if you cross them, beware—their words, deeds, or lack thereof (yes, they can easily ice others out) will sting.

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