What Zodiac Sign Does When They have Crush

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You like the thrill of the hunt, therefore you are typically drawn to partners who play the hard to get. When you finally find someone, you fall hard and quickly.


In terms of romance, you rarely rush into things because you always want to go the distance. In fact, you're prone to digging in your heels if someone tries to move too rapidly.


You appreciate their snarky banter and have a tendency to be somewhat mischievous with your crushes.


Even though you could go cautiously in new relationships, once you begin to feel comfortable, you never hesitate to show your cards.


Your possible love interests never feel as though they have to question your actions since you go out of your way to make them feel unique.


When you like someone, you put more effort into demonstrating your helpful side. You are also very perceptive and can recall every single detail about your crush.


Potential partners typically value your extroverted nature because you come across as kind, personable, and understanding.


When it feels right to start talking, you take that decision very seriously. It can be difficult for you to move on if the relationship doesn't work out because of this.


You'll invite someone you're crushing on on last-minute trips to another city or late-night drives around the neighbourhood.


When you have a crush, you often act lot more subtly, so you might not immediately let everyone know what your intentions are.


You tend to project a sense of serenity and composure, and this is no exception when you appreciate someone.


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