Why I Love You and How Much You Mean to Me

I have to attempt new things with you.
Every weekend, you go out with me.
My favourite bedtime stories were read by you.

You use memes to tag me.
You have a compelling life vision.
I appreciate your faith in me.

You help me recognise the good in life.
You have the innocent quality of a child, and I adore it.
I cherish our many exciting journeys together.

You are my favourite because you can create anything from nothing.
You are always there to assist me.
I enjoy listening to your voice.

You cherish my family just as much as your own,
You call me every day.
You SMS me good night and good morning wishes.

I enjoy the way you handle my hair.
You give me praise.
You always bring me hot soup when I'm sick.

You are appreciative of my attempts to keep you content.
You always have a positive outlook.
You are really compassionate.

You're a kind person.
You have my allegiance.
I adore it when you are kind to others.

You teach me to be patient.
I appreciate how pleasant you always smell.
I appreciate how you give me time to myself whenever I need it.

I appreciate you calling me out when it's necessary.
You consistently keep your word.
You're the answer to all my issues.

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