With these colours, you can make every day lucky.


Wearing the colours white, pink, light yellow, and light blue on this workday is thought to bring good luck. They can also generously bless someone by erasing all of the challenges from their life.


On this day, wearing colours like pale ORANGE, ORANGE , RED, or BROWN is thought to bring luck and charm. One's mood is improved by these hues, which are also remarkably lucky.


On Wednesday, it is exceedingly fortunate to wear hues like GREEN or ORANGE. Also, these brightly coloured garments are symbolic of luck and wealth.


One sells flowers in the colour YELLOW. Thus, it is seen to be advantageous to wear YELLOW on this day. His life can be changed by this colour.


Wearing hues like RED, MAGENTA, PINK, YELLOW, and GREEN is regarded as lucky. Wearing clothing with patterns and multiple colours on this workday is also thought to be very auspicious.


BLACK or a deep shade of blue. Hence, wearing clothing in the colours DARK BLUE, BROWN, GREY, PURPLE, and SLATE GREY brings luck and fortune.


Since the sun is RED, wearing RED, PINK, ORANGE, or YELLOW is deemed lucky and bestows good fortune on the wearer.

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