World's Most Powerful Countries

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The United States, a nation in North America, is regarded as the world's superpower. It has 50 states and is unrivalled in terms of economic and military might.

United States

China has the largest population in the entire planet. Since 1949, the Communist Party has controlled this country, which is home to some of the world's oldest civilisations. With 14 borders, the nation is second only to Russia in size and is dispersed across five time zones.


Russia is the world's largest nation. The transcontinental nation that straddles eastern Europe and northern Asia has the most international borders of any country in the world with 16. It crosses eleven time zones.


One of the largest economies in the world is found in the country with the most inhabitants in the European Union. Almost two millennia of history may be found in the nation together with beautiful landscapes.


One of the most developed countries in the world is the United Kingdom. The island country has significant global influence in the fields of science, politics, economics, and culture.

United Kingdom

One of the technologically and literately most developed countries in the world is Japan. The four main islands that make up the nation are listed at number six on the list of the world's most powerful countries.


One of the oldest nations in the world, France is renowned for its rich cultural diversity. The nation is one of the leading exporters of firearms and is home to fashion firms, museums of classical art, and other cultural attractions.


South Korea has a reputation for achieving rapid economic growth. The East Asian country and North Korea have one of the most strongly fortified borders in the world.

South Korea

The Middle Eastern nation boasts one of the biggest sand deserts on earth and is well known for its oil. The nation is listed as the ninth most powerful nation in the world.

Sauth Arabia

Southeast of the Arabian Peninsula, there is a federation of seven emirates known as UAE. Two of its emirates, Abu Dhabi and Dubai, are well-known to tourists from outside the Middle East.

United Arab Emirate

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