Zodiac Sign Least Likely to Divorce

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The least probable sign to be married in the first place is Aquarius because of their more independent natures.


This sign "will be quick to walk away from any situation that holds them back and inhibits them from embracing their most distinctive, independent selves."


Because of their need to be flexible and free to change their minds, move to another country, or buy a one-way ticket with no set return date, Sagittarius isn't particularly interested in traditional committed relationships.


Although they are exceedingly sensitive and find it difficult to handle conflict, Pisces long for a profound emotional connection with their relationships. If the partnership fails, "this sign will probably lean into their propensity to run away and leave the marriage."


Gemini is referred to as "the social butterfly of the zodiac" among the signs. They therefore require regular stimulation and flexibility. once they've grown bored? They have moved on to the following.


It's no secret that Aries are fiercely independent, which is wonderful, but their intensity may also contribute to a tumultuous relationship dynamic. Aries needs a partner that won't attempt to limit them.


Leos merely want to have fun and express themselves. When things become "too serious, darken their light, or no longer provide pleasure to their life, they will depart." In essence, Leos enjoy being the centre of attention.


Because of their practical temperament, Taurus people make good partners. Although they are "searching for a partnership that can weather the storms of time," they may be obstinate, laid-back, and endearing.


There is a strong and committed energy to the partnership once they commit. Once they are tricked though? They'll leave in an instant and there's no turning back.


When it comes to both themselves and others, Virgos can be known for their perfectionism, but they are also deeply committed to their own personal development.


"Virgos will use their partnership as a stimulus for personal development and as an opportunity to mend emotional and mental traumas." They become more inclined to try and make things work as a result, making them better partners.


Capricorns have a strong commitment to working hard in all facets of their lives. Before ending a relationship, they "will go through any lengths." They understand that sincerity and mutual respect are essential for long-lasting relationships.


As nurturers, cancers are well known. They are quick to forgo their own demands in favour of others and seek a partner with whom they may feel comfortable.


"Because of their devoted nature and disregard for their own happiness or wants, Cancers are more likely to remain in a relationship.


Peacekeeping is of utmost importance to Libras, who want harmony. In reality, they enjoy working in teams. Despite the fact that Libra's practical air energy makes them cautious about entering into committed partnerships,


there is something about Libras that makes them enjoy a good love tale, no matter how corny. Over all others, this one indicates a higher likelihood that their relationship will endure.


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