Zodiac Sign Spy on Their Partners


Only 11% of Aquarians, who are the sign that trusts their partners the most, admitted to looking through their partner's phone.


A respectable 15% of the Virgo participants in this study admitted to spying on their partners. Virgos prefer to be as forthcoming and truthful as they can in a relationship.


A whopping 19% of Sagittarians acknowledged to looking through their spouses' phones, and they probably don't feel bad about it.


19% of Libras admitted that they occasionally lacked trust in their partners. Even though spying is probably not a good habit, Libras wouldn't do it if they didn't have a strong excuse.


This air sign is concerned with developing consistent, sincere relationships with other people. And while seeking a relationship, they don't think twice about pursuing their goals.


Yet, 23% of Capricorns admitted to looking via their spouses' devices to Psychic World. Hence, if they are spying on their relationships, they may at least have had decent motives.


A whopping 31% of Taureans admitted to spying on their partners. In addition to enjoying their relaxation, Taureans have a propensity to concentrate on "life's simplest pleasures."


With 42% of Aries confessing to meddling in their loved ones' affairs, this sign stands squarely in the middle. The imposing nature of Aries reveals their sincere concern for those they hold dear.


62 percent of Scorpios who participated in this study admitted to spying on their partners. They are exceedingly passionate and nevertheless possess incredibly good intuition.


With 66 percent admitting to looking through their partners' phones, Geminis in this survey are a little more nosy than Scorpios. They probably aren't bothered if they are discovered snooping.


Throughout their relationships, spying has been admitted to by 69 percent of Pisces. They probably learned their lesson after being discovered, though.


According to Psychic World, 71% of Cancers have been observed using their partners' laptops and phones. This shouldn't come as much of a surprise because this water sign is known to give their loved ones a lot of attention.


Leos in the research admitted to spying on their partners the most, with a whopping 75% of them being up in their business.


Because the fire sign is a born leader, they won't think twice about taking command in their interpersonal connections if necessary.


Leos look for a mate who can accommodate their wants and match their personalities since they are fiercely independent and exude charisma.

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