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What to Drink Instead of Alcohol [Top Brands + 8 Mocktails]

    What to Drink Instead of Alcohol [Top Brands + 8 Mocktails]

    There are many occasions that call for non-alcoholic beverages, such as a baby shower, a friend who isn’t drinking, a designated driver, or the month of January itself (Dry January) (also called mocktails).

    Mocktails and classic non-alcoholic drinks, such as the Melon Moroccan Mint Tea, Saint Clement, Virgin Cranberry Mojito, Peach Bellini Mocktail, and more, will be discussed along with easy recipes.

    Furthermore, for all you social media influencers, these mocktails photograph well. (If you’d like to promote Surely Dealcoholized Wines to your audience, learn more about our Affiliate Program.)

    Let’s start with some recommendations for alcohol-free beverages. You may move forward to the Mocktail Recipe Section if you have a firm grasp on the several tasty non-alcoholic cocktails that are worth trying.

    Here Are eight Alcohol-Free Drinks That Will Not Disappoint

    This list features the top 10 brands of non-alcoholic drinks that we recommend:

    • Surely: In the realm of non-alcoholic beverages, this is, without a doubt, a no-brainer. Our unique rosé begins as an alcoholic rosé, which we distil to remove the alcohol. This novel technique maintains the authentic rosé flavour while carrying a zero-proof designation. In addition to our excellent non-alcoholic champagne, we also produce a dealcoholized champagne that is highly sought after.
    • Athletic Brewing Company: The Athlete’s Brewing Co. Incredibly for a non-alcoholic beer, both the Upside-Down Non-Alcoholic Golden and the Run Wild Non-Alcoholic IPA have the texture and hoppy, citrusy flavour of a West Coast IPA. At Athletic Brewing, you can have NA beer that isn’t brewed with gluten.
    • Humm Kombucha: Yeah, kombucha is fermented, I hear you say. It’s not a boozy beverage, nope. With a wide variety of flavours to choose from, Humm Kombucha provides low-sugar, probiotic drinks that are good for the digestive tract. Bonus: You can get these at Target! There are also a few sugar-free options, all of which are packed with probiotics.
    • Mingle: To mix things up, try one of these effervescent drinks made with organic cane sugar, fresh fruit, and a proprietary herbal infusion. Their tastes and aesthetics are playful and welcoming, making them ideal for a Sunday brunch full of hilarity.
    • Weller: Have you, Weller, heard of all the wonderful things that can be done with CBD? Each can of Weller CBD Sparkling Water provides 25 milligrammes of CBD in addition to the refined flavour of non-alcoholic sparkling water.
    • Rock Grace: In order to create Rock Grace, a rosé-like elixir, we used our own secret crystal energy infusion procedure. In case this is your jam, you can count on Rock Grace to provide. Each bottle of Rock Grace Crystal Elixir is instilled with the good energy of crystals collected responsibly and charged under a new moon.
    • Erdinger: Erdinger is a non-alcoholic beer that leans toward sweetness, if that’s what you’re looking for. Some have compared it to a mush of cereal, bananas, and toffee.
    • Seedlip: Spice 94, Garden 108, and Grove 42 are a strange and unusual trio of non-alcoholic spirits that use various garden mixtures to create intoxicating aromas. These are a great replacement for the standard “club soda and lime, please,” since they may be added to soda.
    • La Croix: Recently, La Croix sparkling water has become quite popular all over the globe. La Croix’s delightful limoncello, hibiscus, and passionfruit tastes make it a no-brainer to mix into a mocktail or other non-alcoholic drink. And it’s really simple to get, being sold by Amazon and many other stores.
    • Recess: To “can a sensation,” Recess blends hemp extract with adaptogens. Their one-of-a-kind tastes, such as blood orange and coconut lime, are sure to put you at ease while staving off a midafternoon sugar low.

    1. Raspberry and Rosé Mocktail

    Co-Raspberry op’s and Rosé Non-Alcoholic Cocktail uses Surely’s famous alcohol-removed rosé, and the drink’s recipe also calls for lime cordial, apple juice, and raspberry beverages.

    An alternative that won’t leave you with a headache or a driver’s licence suspension is mixing sparkling apple cider with alcohol-free rosé. (Hooray for alcohol-free beverages!)

    2. Peach Bellini Mocktail

    Peaches are a great addition to a brunch or party with a Southern theme. You may enjoy this refreshing Frozen Peach Bellini Mocktail with the whole family this summer.

    In search of a non-alcoholic drink for the holiday? There is no need to continue your search.

    Look for sparkling apple juice, not sparkling cider, when shopping. Indeed, they vary somewhat from one another. But if you take sparkling cider instead, it won’t ruin the flavour too much.

    3. Melon Mint Moroccan Tea

    A Melon Moroccan Mint Tea is a light and flavorful way to celebrate spring or round off a Moroccan dinner with its Mediterranean (or even Middle Eastern) flair.

    A splash of ginger ale would provide a nice flavour and texture to this mixture of Moroccan Tea and Honeydew Agua Fresca.

    4. Mocktail: Strawberry Creamsicle

    All seasons call for a Strawberry Creamsicle Mocktail. This drink is as simple as topping Coke with whipped cream, yet it seems like it took a lot of time and work to prepare.

    This strawberry creamsicle mocktail is the perfect sweet, decadent drink for baby showers, alcohol-free birthday parties, and Valentine’s Day celebrations.

    In addition, the flavour and sweetness of these types of non-alcoholic beverages appeal to people of all ages, including the visual appeal that is sure to be a hit with children. This is a wonderful treat for the birthday celebration that the adults will love, too.

    5. Virgin Pia Colada, a variant on the classic pina colada

    You won’t find any rum in this virgin pia colada recipe. Have no fear; it retains its scrumptious flavour and revitalising qualities.

    A trip to the Bahamas is as near as your taste buds, and those of you who like pineapple and coconut will agree. Even the alcohol-free version tastes like a celebration because to its tropical flavours.

    This tropical treat is perfect for a summertime gathering, whether it’s an alcoholic pool bash, a baby shower, or a block party with some young sophisticates. (Did we suddenly turn 89? )

    Skipping the crushed ice might make for a less than perfect virgin colada if you’re in a need. Juice from fresh pineapples would be ideal here.

    Garnish with pineapple slices and maraschino cherries for added aesthetic appeal.

    Interesting information to drop on your pals: Though he is responsible for the now-iconic song “Escape (The Pia Colada Song),” songwriter/artist Rupert Holmes has never really had a pia colada, and he still doesn’t drink them now.

    6. A Banana Brunch Punch

    It’s hardly a proper breakfast without a punch of some kind, and a sour one is a must. This Banana Brunch Punch will transport your guests to a tropical paradise, whether you’re celebrating the end of winter, the arrival of warmer weather, or simply hosting a party with a tropical theme.

    Bananas, lemonade, orange juice, pineapple juice, and a watermelon garnish are all available here to satiate your tropical fruit needs.

    This alcohol-free punch has the typical tart punch of most punches, but the banana base gives it a distinctively smooth and creamy taste and texture.

    This recipe for non-alcoholic beverages will easily feed a group of sixty to seventy.

    7. Cranberry Mojito without the mint

    One drink that works particularly well for the colder months and the holidays is the Virgin Cranberry Mojito.

    Use any sparkling water or cocktail mix in place of the Dasani Sparkling Lime and Simple Cranberry Cocktail in this recipe.

    The lime soda water is perfect for the holiday party or New Year’s Eve celebration, and a splash of lime juice might give it an additional zing.

    8. A glass of rosé and a lemonade.

    The easiest way to raise a non-alcoholic glass to summer is with a refreshing rosé lemonade.

    The rosé’s characteristic freshness and brightness are still there on the palate. The sour lemonade, though, makes this a harmless option that even teens may enjoy along the water’s edge.

    This mocktail recipe is perfect for baby showers or alcohol-free breakfasts in the summer. The solution is so obvious that we’ve published it here.

    List of Ingredients (for 1 or 2 people)

    • Just one glass of Surely Non-Alcoholic Rosé
    • a glass of lemonade (store-bought or homemade)


    1. Combine the non-alcoholic rosé with the lemonade. (It really is that simple.)
    2. Use a fizzy sparkling lemonade for added merriment.

    It’s possible to brew your own lemonade without buying any sugar or other sweeteners. Water, sugar, and fresh lemon juice are all you need to make a refreshing glass of homemade lemonade. Mix equal parts sugar, cold water, and fresh lemon juice.

    For a touch of class, sprinkle it some fresh rosemary.

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